The Little Things Are Where Recovery Begins

4 thoughts on “The Little Things Are Where Recovery Begins”

  1. Be strong.
    Sometimes I tell my patients, Mental Illness are like Diabetes, hypertension in that there are somethings you can control & somethings you cannot. The only difference is that there is no number which can measure the pain you are going through. That does not make this a lesser disease or turns it into a myth.
    It just becomes your lifelong companion. there will be good days & there will be bad days. and there will be dark nights. But things will change. Enjoy the bright sunshine till it lasts for the memory of it brings you the strength to go through the dark night.
    Keep Fighting. Keep living.


  2. Really good work. Inspiring thought. One of my cousin completed marine engineering and got a job in international ship. He was paid 4250 dollars per month and right now under treatment of schizophrenia. Where what went wrong is a mystery. Thank you for giving some ideas how to deal with stress.


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