Currently // February 2018: I’m Waking up with the World

3 thoughts on “Currently // February 2018: I’m Waking up with the World”

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    I literally felt motivation in this article! Today’s first day or march and I usually do planning of a whole month on the last day of previous month. But I delayed it on today and right now I was totally lazy to do it. Thanks for sharing! And one thing I want to confess if you don’t mind. There’s is a tinge of pessimism in most of the points. Yes, we have to be real and straight forward but a little more positivity can do miracles😍❤


  2. I watched black panther,it was really fun. No loved one came around on Val’s day. February was a bit lonely for me as I moved to a new city and settling down was a bit stressful. Anyway, the good part is that I learned to at peace with myself, my work and the world around me. I discovered stoicism. I’ve been reading voraciously and learning all I can about it and it has changed the way I perceive the world. I don’t write very good, but at one time you said that “done is better than perfect”. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, it’s been awesome!!!

    Thanks for your inspiration.

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    1. Thank you for reminding me of my own words. I needed them more than you know. I recently discovered stoicism too, it’s a very interesting philosophical worldview but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I found it while trying to understand someone close to me for whom it does come natural and realized there is a lot I can learn from people who can be so strong, steady, and controlled in a world that is changing in such frightening ways. Thanks for reading, following, and for your kind words.


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