Currently // April 2018: I Loved All of It

5 thoughts on “Currently // April 2018: I Loved All of It”

  1. Hey Lisa, I like your style to writing. I do not understand it all but I try. I hasten to improve my English. :)
    I like your style of design your blog here too. It makes me so relaxed and so I had redesigned my blog too. Thank you for the inspiration! I am a bit ashamed I copied a sentence from your hello-text in the sidebar. But it´s so great! Hope you will excuse me that.
    I think to copy is a good way to learn a language and it’s grammar. Do you understand me a bit?

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    1. No shame, I don’t mind at all! I’m flattered. It’s encouraging to know I have done a thing or two right around here. And yes, I understand you fine, what is your first language if you don’t mind me asking?

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        1. Wow! I spent a little time in Germany when I was a kid, my father was in the army and stationed there. I was taught some German but didn’t stay long enough to remember it. I can still count to ten though! I want to learn more again after I get a little further with Spanish.

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          1. Oh, great. I have a student she was in Germany as a child too. Also while her father was in the army. Now she want to come back for a few month and so I am her German teacher although my exlainings are mainly gesticulating, haha. Lots of fun. :D

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