A to Z Reflections: Part I // I’m Writing It the Long Way

6 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections: Part I // I’m Writing It the Long Way”

  1. Hey Lisa, I think this challenge is a great idea to get motivation and/ or new ideas for blogging or even thinking about the topics. I checked out the challenge calendar just now and I found it very stressful. I am a deep thinker and so I can’t say when I will finish a topic for me! I understand you sooo good! :D That´s why is my favorite quote: Be not afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of standing still. I mean sometimes is more important to moving slowly. Life is sometimes too fast. I admire your writing power. :)


  2. To me, it’s the challenge of writing every day, ON the day, as opposed to writing everything beforehand. Then it just becomes a game of numbers and comments.

    I like that you are going to take your time to finish. There’s no penalty to this, and no failure.

    Good luck. I’ll be back

    Tale Spinning


  3. I really commend your commitment to the challenge and finish it even when April is over. I’m a slow writer too, so I’d say, it’s ok. I know, the pubishing environment of today keeps telling us we should churn out writing at a mindblowing speed if we want it to have a chance to be discovered and read, but I know deep inside I’m not that writer, and though I’m a bit sad about it, I also feel it’s ok. I am as I am ;-)

    If you want to improve your writing, I’d suggest joining a critiquing group. There are many online. I was a memebr of the Critique Circle for seven years and I learned a ton. I’m not a memebr anymore, but it was a fantastic learning experience.

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  4. I like your thinking – finishing even if you’re late. people left so many things half done and it’s not always easy to finish. I hope you’ll finished. good luck.

    have a lovely day.

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    1. Thank you! It sucks I couldn’t finish with everyone else but it’s kind of liberating to tackle it in my own time too. Wishing you a lovely day too!


  5. I feel you on the need to push for commenting and sharing. In past years I’ve done little of that during April, and that’s why this year I made it my personal theme/challenge to do nothing but, and some days I fell a little behind but I got there in the end. You will too. 😊


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