5 thoughts on “Meaning”

  1. Deep analysis. Though I believe that all of us, beautiful God’s creation, have a purpose on Earth. We might not know right away what we are here for, but regardless of our specific mission, we all came here to evolute. We didn’t come to this planet to stagnate. That is why, as you said, we need to live. Not only that, but we need to experiment, dare, not be afraid. Live with purpose, live mindfully, and also be mindful of one another. Namaste.

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  2. I can’t help but wonder if most of us never stop to think about the meaning of life and our purpose – thanks for starting the conversation . Interestingly, I’ve been reading the book of Ecclesiastes the last couple of weeks and the author there is asking similar questions (eg how and where can I find meaning in everyday life?), so this is a timely topic.


  3. Great post. You took bleak-sounding quotes from Camus and spun them around to where they seemed motivational instead! At least for me… I’ve always found Camus a little difficult.


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