If We Were Having Coffee // I Feel Like Myself Again!

6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // I Feel Like Myself Again!”

  1. The only things I can think of is don’t actually drink coffee. Coffee and anxieties do not go together very well. You are probably finding though with the infusions that not having coffee is making a difference. I highly recommend a herbal tea instead. Even if you feel good, do not drink coffee unless you are not going out anywhere. The other thing that works for me are funny videos, or things that really make you honestly laugh. I find as well as you probably have, that taking the dog for a walk is fantastic, it gets everything moving! I call my dog my unofficial therapy, and hug your dog whenever you want…That’s what they’re there for! Sometimes I find as well, just looking at my dog calms me as well, it might seem a little creepy to you though,lol

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  2. The best way for me to relieve stress is to go to a Zumba class. I discovered these dance fitness classes 2 years ago and I love them! They are perfect for me as I love dancing.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I wish there were words to fully comfort & even heal the remaining issues you’re facing – cuz I’d be saying them right here & now.

    I think your progress has been great but I’ll hold out for your fast & compete healing.

    If laughter would help, I’ve had some great feedback that some if my efforts to do this worked. While it would make my day for you to sample some, I’d greatly prefer to get you smiling or laughing.

    Hang in there & please keep us posted.


  4. Lisa, all the best with your efforts to de-stress. I really love photography and I totally lose myself looking through the lens and it also helps me appreciate all the good in this world, even when I do choose to focus on the bad. I also try to walk and slow down my breathing. I would imagine that a lot of these things add up and ultimately help make a difference. I also think getting on with something is important and avoidance only makes things worse. That said, avoidance is a wonderful friend.
    I hope the week goes well for you both.
    Best wishes,

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  5. Hi Lisa, an old friend said to me: accept what is going on presently. Accept and say: Alright, thanks! Say to all things that currently happen in your life: Alright, thanks!
    First I tought: he is totally crazy!
    But I tried it out, because it couldn’t get worse.
    It was strange, I had never before tried to accept the bad things in my life. It was like an awakening.
    Later he gave me the add: Enjoy this situation. Enjoy all your feelings that you have in it.
    I know that sounds probably unusually for you. But for me this tiny mantra is my magic formula. It really works! It works, because we give up to fight against something. If we give up fighting we get a new focus of some things in our life.

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