If We Were Having Coffee // A Profound Thing to Witness

3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // A Profound Thing to Witness”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Wow – you’ve had a time of it and how about, you sit and I’ll get the coffee for us. You sound like you might appreciate being cared for a bit.

    What you are doing for your mom is heart-warming. It sounds like you are even finding treasures of memories and history that, if protected somehow, will greatly honor both his memory and the family. I doubt you will ever regret the investment of this time.

    Your post brought back a great memory for me too. I was in my office in the mid-1990’s when a lady I worked with, and greatly respected, stopped by for some reason long forgotten now. She and I were discussion information from various reports we could pull up on our computers. She was quite a character and was razzing me about something in those reports so I turned to my screen to bring the report up so we could have it before us.

    I found what I was looking for and said, “A-ha! Here is the proof of what I just said,” and I pointed to the screen victoriously – expecting her to respond somehow. But she didn’t. I noticed the strange pause and finally turned to see what the delay was, half expecting her to surprise me with something to defeat my finding on the screen, but found her struggling and turned blue. At first I thought – she has be kidding me, but quickly realized that even she could not fake turning colors like this – she must be choking…

    Suddenly frightened for her myself, I jumped up to help. I got behind her, lifted her out the chair and pushed it aside with my foot to give me room to attempt the Heimlich procedure, but worried about where to put my hands. She was a very busty gal and I hadn’t studied this step for several years. I quickly reasoned that pressing anyone from their upper ribs made little sense and pressing from below the ribs made much more sense, so I found a good spot just above her tummy and gave her a sharp hard squeeze which caused her to eject a small hard candy from my desk candy jar at a surprisingly high speed.

    She took a huge breath and slumped in my arms for a moment, then quickly regained her composure and stood up on her own, breathing deeply and restoring her normal color.

    It scared the life (almost) out of both of us. To this day, I’m so proud that I was able to help her and thankful that she is still with us. She’s one of those gals the world needs more of.

    Since, I collect memories like this, I may have to write this one up for addition to the collection. Most of the time, I’m looking for something humorous to carry my essay, but this saving someone’s life business – it remains huge in my mind to this day.

    Anyway, you’re busy – I know. I hope I was able to deliver a short breather-break in your day and have left you a bit refreshed and ready for the rest of a busy life. I always welcome your coffee visits. Please stop by whenever you’re nearby.


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