Currently // July 2018: Good Food and Laughter to Last

2 thoughts on “Currently // July 2018: Good Food and Laughter to Last”

  1. Lisa,

    You are the, by all accounts, one of the freshest pieces of writing I get to see come into my inbox on a periodic basis. I value your candor, your honesty, and your ‘virtual cuppa coffee’ when it comes in. Me… I only just started putting my ‘pen to the paper’ again and appreciate how you give your updates to what has been happening, as well as your goals. With regards to your girlfriend, society may have had a hand in dictating what you may/may not have been able to accomplish in being able to have the dream wedding you way wish for, but do not let any other pressures further push you in any other direction. You ladies should have the dream celebration that you deserve, not what others see/wish for you. It is not their day, it’s yours. (Enough on my own “soap box”)

    As I tie this up, or I will pontificate further, I look forward to seeing more of your postings and only wanted to drop you a quick reply in response to such.

    A quote, I came up with some time ago, since you like to put some in along with your postings is as such…

    “Life can be a journey, arduous for some. But, with good friends, a full heart, clear eyes, and an open mind, love is the destination.” ~ Alan G

    Fortes Mane (Stay Strong)

    Kindest Regards, Alan


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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sometimes I forget people actually read any of this. Sometimes I forget why I do this. Your words reminded me today. I write to be known and to know too. What I mean to say is, I’m very happy to meet you Alan.

      I hear what you’re saying on the wedding. Deep down I know the only thing that matters is whether we feel good about the wedding we are planning. I know it’s our day after all, but coming from a family where no one has ever done anything so traditional or domestic makes it hard to know not only what is possible but what is okay.

      Plus, I get the feeling everyone is trying to live through me and have what they wish they’d had. I want very much to give that to them, but weddings are increadibly expensive and since no one is offering to put money down on a collective dream day I have to learn to let them, and their ideas, go.

      Oh, and I love the quote! I’ve added it to my ever growing collection and maybe one of these days you’ll see it in one of my post :)


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