If We Were Having Coffee // Mini Vacations and Pattern Recognition

2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // Mini Vacations and Pattern Recognition”

  1. Hi Lisa, I’d love to try this coffee drink you described. We are just south of many of the California fires and our air has been smoky for many days now. It is getting old and we fret for our neighbors to the north. We need rain so badly. . .

    I’m intrigued. You have a “route” that you teach for 9th graders (a blessed time in my own life)? How does that work? Are your students scattered across a wide area where a physical school wouldn’t work or are they special needs, so you go to them rather than them coming to your class?

    We home schooled our kiddos and have a friend who may be doing something similar to what you are doing and she loves it.

    This last week was my first week back after my 2 month rehab from back surgery. It was, umm, tense. Some big problems awaited me, and my job will simply never be as pleasant as reading, writing and walking or exercising as I please.

    Hope your upcoming week is wonderful.


  2. It sounds like you had a great week, and weekend. So many positive thoughts! I thrive on routines as well, as long as I get some road trips in between :) I can’t enjoy the road trips if I don’t have the routine to come back to though. Have an awesome new week!

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