If We Were Having Coffee // All Good News

3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // All Good News”

  1. Coffee… without milk… ick. Facing that reality I have learned that ice cream will work well as a creamer, and marshmallows will do in a pinch. However, juice does NOT. And (I learned through a sleep-deprived pouring accident) root-beer also does not work.
    Hurrah on the health news!! It’s always nice to get some sort of improvement in at least one area of health — even if there are a bunch of others to contend with still. #ChronicIllnessLife
    Congrats on being an Aunt again!! My sister has another little one due in March, and I’m looking forward to Auntx2 life – I absolutely adore my little niece. Having to spend those early days under the lights is no fun for anyone in the family (my niece had to do that too), but I’m glad to hear that all are overall doing well.
    500 words before bed sounds like a good compromise. I’m struggling with that balance myself and maybe will start pushing myself in that direction. It’s far too easy to fall into the distractions of digital-life….
    Thanks for the coffee!


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