If We Were Having Coffee // I’m Doing More in November

Hello dear readers! Happy Sunday, welcome, and thank you for stopping by for a bit of caffeine and catching up.

Wow, what a change from last week, yeah? On our last coffee date, the sun was shining and the high temperature was forecasted to climb into the 70s. Today the temps might reach the 50s but I haven’t seen much of the sun since Friday and even then, it wasn’t out that much. We’re currently in a slow decline toward freezing temperatures and possible snow showers by Thursday. So, my mood has been in a slow decline too, but luckily my productivity hasn’t been negatively impacted, yet.

I’m up early today, thanks to a return to “standard time” here in America and an extra hour of sleep. I’ve been working on blog things, some big changes and some new posts. Sadly my beloved laptop has come to the end of its life this very morning and working from my old iPad—which is on its way out too—is slow and tedious so much of that is on hold until Friday when I can get a new one, but progress was made and I am excited to tell you more about it.

So, pull up a chair and fill up a cup. I have plenty of cold brew as usual, but I’m willing to dust off the coffee maker if you feel the dreary weather calls for it. Let’s talk about last week!

“You stare at your coffee hoping it gives you perspective and sanity and the ability to make sense of it all and that’s a lot to ask of your coffee.”

— Lin-Manuel Miranda


If we were having coffee I would tell you that last week was the first easy work week I’ve had in a long while. I spent the first couple months of the school year working hard to get ahead and managed to complete almost all of my tasks well ahead of schedule. I still had a few things to do, and a few things I had to move to next week, but I had significantly more free time. Not sure that translated into more writing or even lower stress levels, but I did feel proud to have achieved it.

The only drawback seems to be that I unintentionally burned myself out. My patience wore very thin and I felt somewhat resentful of coworkers who I feel are creating more work for me. I was irritable, withdrawn, and judgmental. I was not very pleasant to work with.

I think it’s understandable, but obviously, it’s not okay. I want to do better in the coming week. I have to remember that I chose to work this much and I have to remember that I can always take a break if I want to. I have to remember to let people know that I need a break and to still be open to helping when help is needed.

It’s still my job after all.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I spent a lot of last week’s free time setting up a new blog with a new domain name for myself in an effort to refocus this space. I am trying to give myself space and guilt-free freedom to post as much as I want about myself and my life. This isn’t an official announcement or anything. There will be a separate post soon explaining more of what writing about myself means and what will become of Zen and Pi.

While tweaking and experimenting this week I realized that, for me at least, starting a new blog is like starting a new notebook. I can’t bring myself to write in it because I don’t want to ruin it with my ugly words. This is making It very hard to start. I’m working on a short introduction post, around 500 words or, preferably, less, that will get the ball rolling. Once the page, or screen, is imperfect it’s easier to keep going, you know?

After that, I’ll start writing my daily journal posts again and these coffee posts will eventually move over there as well, maybe as soon as next Sunday!


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I had hoped to use all this upcoming free time to participate in NaNoWriMo, ZineWriMo, or at least NaBloPoMo this month, but time got away from me and I failed to plan ahead for any of that. I’m obviously very disappointed in myself but I’m not giving up. I’m looking for something I still might commit to for the month of November.

I saw that the Yeah Write writers are doing something called NaNoDoMore, a call to “Do something new this month” and “Stretch yourself a little”. I like that idea. I like some of the things on their list, and I am making a list of my own to add. and while their list isn’t exactly the kind of writerly goals I’d like to achieve this month. I want to write more but I also want to do something every day to get me closer to a better blog, a better publication, a better newsletter, and a better chance at turning these words into something bigger than myself.

I’m thinking of more behind the scenes type stuff like choosing a theme I like for the new space, writing a new about page, revisiting pages I haven’t updated since I created them, taking new photos, creating a logo, brainstorming post ideas, updating my editorial calendar, replying to comments, commenting on other blogs, setting some concrete goals and intentions, updating old posts, pitching other blogs and publications I’d like to write for, etc., etc., etc.

So, I’m doing more this month. I’m doing one thing every day that I should have done, should have kept up on, or need to do now that I am making these big changes.


If we were having coffee I would take a moment to remind you to vote this Tuesday. I hope by now you’ve already voted. If not, make a plan and do your best to drag along at least one friend.

My girlfriend and I fill out and dropped off our ballots last Friday and I have reminded my coworkers relentlessly to get their ballots in too. There are really no excuses here in Colorado with easy registration, mail-in ballots, and 24 hour drop off locations.

I know some people still won’t vote, and I will do my best to keep my display of disappointment minimal. I know that just as we are free to vote, we are also free not to vote, but there are so many people suffering under bad policies written by bad politicians and there is much worse looming on the horizon. I just can’t help seeing a non-voter as an accomplice to this unnecessary suffering. I’ve read a lot about not judging people based on their politics or lack thereof but damn does it hurt to watch people I care about hurt other people.

Most of my readers already know which side of the aisle my politics lean but I won’t lecture you now on how to vote. I only ask you go to the polls with more than just you and yours on your mind. Vote with other people in your heart as well. People who don’t look like you, speak like you, or worship the way you do.

America is made of all kind of people and with that diversity comes all kinds of different ideas on which is the best way to live, but we should all feel free here and we should all get to live with dignity.

Vote for dignity.


If we were having coffee I would thank for a lovely chat and tell you that while I could sit here all day going on and on about myself, there is simply too much I still have to do before the work week begins tomorrow. I have to go, but I’d love if you took a moment to drop a note below to tell me how you’ve been, whether you voted or plan to, and if you are doing NaNoWriMo or any other writerly November challenge.

Remember to take care of yourself.

Until next time.


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Written for the #WeekendCoffeeShare link-up hosted by Eclectic Alli

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4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee // I’m Doing More in November”

  1. I’m pleased to see that many bloggers are calling upon their readers to vote. I did my part, and am very proud of it.
    I decided to give NaNoWriMo a go, but all the other events for the month of November sound great as well. I know last year many people did.. BlogMas? was it? I don’t think I could blog every day… But then, you never know until you try. You might surprise yourself.
    As for blogging, to me it is nothing like writing in a notebook, because I have a million of those, yet only 1 blog. Good luck with your new one, nonetheless.


  2. Voting tomorrow! My employer gives us the day off for Election day, very, very grateful for that. Excited about your new blog, I’ll be sure to bookmark it.. :-) And you don’t write ugly words! I very much enjoy reading your posts. I’m doing NaBloPoMo, the official one is not being hosted by BlogHer, but a handful of bloggers formed a group on Facebook, called NaBloPoMo Revival. We are using the #nablopomo18 hashtag. Have a great week and thanks for the coffee!


  3. Hi Lisa, I understand burnout and I also think it’s too bad that recognizing it does not itself seem to help much. On the other hand, from my “not very omniscient point of view” you have a lot more grace and creativity left in you than burnout, which I expect will disperse with a couple of good night’s rest and maybe enough time to progress either a good book or a writing project. A bit of quality time will bring you back to full power is my bet. Blessings


  4. I love how much self insight (is that even a word?) you have. Being able to understand why you react in different ways, and decide to handle it. All credit for that. I’m a horrible person if I’m tired, and I’m trying to not expose others to that all too often. LOL. Thank you for the coffee.


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