When the Universe Celebrates Itself

One this day, an eye blink ago, relatively,
this tiny corner of the cosmos was born.
Today, all that exists whispers, “Happy Birthday to me.”


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Written (a week late) in response to the Ink in Thirds Three Line Thursday prompt: Celebrate


Start Each Day Like It’s Your Birthday

What a wonderful concept, to wake up everyday and imagine it’s your birthday. I’ve been trying to find way to wake up excited and happy for the day but nothing has worked. I recently came across a quote that said to “start each day like it’s your birthday”. Now that might work!

I mean, in my opinion my birthday is the greatest holiday of the year! I have never understood people who whine and complain about their birthday and refuse to celebrate it. I force others to celebrate my birthday! I mean what is more awesome than a day to celebrate the fact that you were born? It’s your day to do whatever you want and be the center of attention. A birthday can never be a bad day.

So imagine what it would be like if everyday were your birthday? If you could wake up and just know that today was all about you and nothing but good could happen. If you could wake up and just celebrate the fact that you were born and you are still alive. If you could wake up and wonder what surprises the world has in store for you today. How amazing would that be? I think even the most mundane day could be made better by just imagining it’s your birthday.

Or maybe, so as not to cause any confusion, I will instead celebrate my UNbirthday! If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland than you know what an unbirthday is, if you haven’t seen Disney’s Alice in Wornderland I question whether you are in fact a human being at all. Anyway, for those who may not know, your unbirthday falls on the 364 days of the year that are NOT your birthday, those days are also cause for celebration. There can even be a party with cake and presents and tea if you wish!

So go on and imagine today is YOUR day. Take time to celebrate you and the fact that you are here. Be grateful, have fun, treat yourself, and make a wish. I hope you all have a very merry unbirthday.