Currently // February 2017 or Spring Will be Here Soon, Right?

Wow, February has come and gone already, and for a short month, I sure managed to pack a ton of emotion into it. The beginning was hard, the middle was sweet, and the end has been full of joy and hope. February was one of those months that changes you a little bit. It didn’t go by quiet or calm, and it won’t ever be forgotten. Before it’s all over, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how I’m feeling, all the changes I have made, and everything I am looking forward to in the coming month.

Here is what I am currently:

Writing something for Femplain‘s newest project, Aloe, “a self-care focused community.” I got the news just this past weekend that my application to be a contributing blogger was accepted and I am so excited for this opportunity. I hope to contribute monthly if they like what I have to say, and I hope you will check them out and support what this amazing community is doing.

Planning more blog posts and more big projects. April will bring the A to Z blogging challenge and, if I can get my life together in time, Write_on, a letter writing challenge, so I’ll be in planning mode for a long while yet. If you are participating in A to Z, or if you’d like to get a letter from me (no promises!) drop a note after the post and let me know so we can link up.

Making time to start doing the things I love again. Spring is coming, soon, I think, I hope. It’s been so long since the world didn’t feel dead….and I want to make sure I have a calendar full of events to attend. I’m going out movies again. I have all the museum free days down. I have the roller derby bouts saved. I am even keeping on top of upcoming protest marches, art events, and ballet and theater performances. I want to make the most of my time before winter comes around again.

Anticipating everything! I feel really anxious to move forward, learn new things, and try something different in the coming months. I’m not entirely sure what those things will be or what they mean, and what I do know I am keeping close. Just know I am out here, trying to create value and connections and I am very excited about it.

Reading Plato’s Republic, still, ugh. I am finally over the halfway mark, but it has been a real struggle. Luckily I had the bright idea to buy myself a little incentive to finish. When I am done, and only when I am done, I get to read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood in preparation for the premiere of the TV adaptation on Hulu in April. I also bought Orlando by Virginia Woolf, referred to as ‘the longest and most charming love-letter in literature’ and written from one woman to another.

Watching Big Little Lies on HBO and the entire collection of Samurai Jack episodes on Hulu in anticipation of the show’s return on March 11th after something like a 13-year hiatus! Bonus: Check out the Big Little Lies soundtrack. There are some real gems in there :)

Feeling so, so good! I am feeling better, good things are happening, and we are on the downhill side of winter. There is still so much bad going on in the world, but I feel energized by the way I see people coming together. I see so much more compassion and awareness all around me every day. I have a feeling that we will come out of these bad times better than ever.

Needing a vacation! We are experiencing a bit of an employee shortage at my day job site, so management has decided to crack down on time off requests. I was hoping this year I would be able to treat myself to a few extra three and four-day weekends here and there, but instead, I am working more than most. Luckily Spring break is just over three weeks away, and they can’t take that from me!

Loving my newest productivity app download called Fabulous. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I really feel like it’s helped me find a set of habits and a routine that helps me get shit done. I don’t think it’ll work for everyone, but it is well made, gorgeous, and worth a look if you are looking for reminders, inspiration, and timers all in one place.

Hating Donald Trump, still, every day. Actually, that isn’t fair. I also hate Kellyann Conway, Tomi Lahren, Betsy DeVos, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, and Rex Tillerson too. I hate people who are “taking back” an America that never belonged to them. I hate their lies. I hate them for holding us back. I hate them for the harm they cause. I make no apologies for my feelings.

Hoping for a big win for transgender rights next month in the Supreme Court. The LGBTQ community is already so vulnerable, but transgender youth are the least protected among us. We should all be fighting to make them feel comfortable and valid and helping them get through what is an already tough time in life. We should not be telling them to use bathrooms they aren’t comfortable with or safe in and we should not be isolating them in bathrooms that set them apart as “other.” The left needs this win. Compassion needs this win. Our children need this win.

All in all, this month was a good one, in the end. I learned so much about myself and found a new perspective and a new motivation. I am looking forward to March. I’m looking forward to working harder and seeing bigger and bigger results. I am grateful too for every opportunity and privilege, and I hope to start paying my dues and making this world a little bit better.

How was your February? What did you do, learn, love, and hate? What are you looking forward to? Drop a note below


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The inspiration for this post comes from Andrea at Create.Share.Love.

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Currently // February

Updating my editorial calendar. I had stopped using one in favor of a to-do list app I installed on my phone. The app is great but for all things related to my writing I really need things handwritten and in a notebook. I have no idea why.

Writing a piece about who I am and hoping that I haven’t finished it too late.

Making a set of my own Oblique Strategies out of a deck of all black playing cards I had lying around, an idea I shamelessly stole from Austin Kleon. I was working on this last month too and I just haven’t finished it. Soon I promise.

Feeling somehow hopeful and a little depressed at the same time. Don’t worry, this is normal for me.

Needing to join this gym already! Since I quit smoking I have been on a bit of a health kick, I drink more water, I cut back on sweets, and now I need to add exercise. I haven’t because I don’t want to spend all that money! I didn’t realize gyms memberships were so expensive.

Watching 11.22.63 on Hulu. A show by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams about a high school teacher named Jake Epping who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It’s actually pretty good!

Reading To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. After the news of her passing this past month, I felt really bad about never having read her classic novel. I mean to right that wrong starting today.

Planning my theme for the big A to Z Blogging Challenge in April. I am probably late in planning, I bet everyone else has their posts written already. Oh well, at least I am thinking somewhat ahead.

Loving how good it feels to finally be a nonsmoker.

Hating how bad it feels to be a nonsmoker.

Hoping that damn groundhog was actually right and all this nice weather means we really are getting an early spring. I don’t think I can handle going back to below freezing temperatures at this point :/


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Monday Motivation, Goals, and Plans

It’s Monday again and this one is a rough one already. We got a bit of snow yesterday so of course traffic is slow and the temperatures are cold so I am miserable. BUT the weather is predicted to turn around today and we will see highs in the 50s. This winter doesn’t know whether it wants to be winter or spring. So far I’m ok with that.

Then again it’s Groundhog today and Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow again this year. Which means another 6 weeks of winter. Which means six more weeks of seasonal depression for me. Thanks Punxsutawney Phil.

This week at work I have another class of newbies to help train on top of my regular work duties so I am going to be busy. I am hoping to take a step back though and allow others to lead a bit. I have decided that without any monetary gains or promise of future promotions I will not continue to stress myself out over this job.

This week I am also going to try hard not to be a grumbler. Last week I grumbled way too much. I didn’t want to be here, I didn’t want to do this or that, I didn’t like this person or that person, and on and on. I was a mess last week. No more of that. This job isn’t my dream job but it does pay the bills. These people are just my co-workers and I shouldn’t get so mad at them for things that are their problems, not mine.

As for me, I am just focusing on making today a new start. A new start to the week and a the month. That means new chances to make things happen and get shit done.

This month I hope to read at least 4 books, more if possible. They will all be from Black authors, or have to do with Black history, or civil rights issues.

This month I also plan to work on, and hopefully finish, a large art project. I have a bunch of large cardboard and paper I’d like to use in a big drawing or painting. I also want to get crafty and make myself a logbook and maybe a planner.

And I want to continue to write every day. I want to get through The Daily Post’s Blogging U. courses. Blogging 201 starts today, and Writing 201: Poetry starts February 16th. Plus I have the #1000Speaks blogging event on the 20th and I am preparing for that.

Whew, that’s a lot. I tend to set up a lot of goals and only end up accomplishing about half of them. At this point I am just practicing not being devastated when I fail to do something. I keep reminding myself that the real goal is just to make progress not achieve perfection. Perfection is nothing but an illusion.

I hope you all have a good week and I wish you luck in the coming month. :)

Monday Motivation, Goals, and Plans

This week I am going to distance myself from the negativity in my workplace. Last week wasn’t so great at work and I allowed myself to get angry and frustrated. I never want to let other people affect my emotions that way. What they do or think doesn’t concern me, so I need to let it go.

I want to focus on getting things done and having fun. I have friends here who aren’t into bickering or being complete assholes so I’m going to stick with them for now.

This week I want to get outside for a bit. While New York is projected to get upwards of 3 feet of snow, here in sunny Colorado we are going to see temperatures in the 70s! I am tired of stale air conditioning and harsh fluorescent bulbs, I need sunlight and warmth! I’m going to soak up all the good weather I can, just in case we don’t see it again until April.

I’d like to take a walk but I’m not sure I’ll be able to work it in. I can however notify my team that I will be working outside in front of the building. The Wi-Fi is still good there.

This week is the last week of January and I want to evaluate where I am with some of my goals. I already know I haven’t done as much as I’d hoped to but that’s ok. February is a new month and a new chance to begin again. I have a new set of goals and I want to take time this week to prepare myself and get together a list of supplies.

I have a craft project, an art project, and two Blogging U. courses going on. Plus a higher work load. I’m going to be busy!

Other than all of that, I’m just trying to make it through the week. If I do nothing else but make it in to work on time and put one foot in front of the other the rest of the day, everyday, then I’ll consider it a good week. I am feeling a bit burned out and I don’t want to push myself to hard. Getting shit done sounds nice but we all need a break too. I may need one this week.

I want to try to do everything I can first but I will be ok if I just survive until Friday. Sometimes that’s all we can do.