The Faces We Deserve

Her head flopped forward as I worked to get her face up and level with mine. I got a hold of her chin in one hand and the base of her skull in the other and pulled her face level with mine. I had no choice but to let her torso hang from her neck and hope I wasn’t doing any damage.

The angle was awkward, but I was pleased with the results. Turning her head and mine this way and that, I checking to make sure I captured her high cheekbones, button nose, and full lips perfectly. I double, and triple checked I hadn’t messed up the hairline, the eyes, or missed a stray freckle. If even an eyebrow hair were out of place, I might be found out.

Oh yeah, this was my best work yet. I’d created a pair of perfect twins. I turned her face to mine, smiled and kissed each of her cheeks. I was just so excited. I practically glowed imagining the look of terror on her face when looked in this same mirror and realized she was now what she despised most.

The clock ticked away another minute, time to get back to it. I did the math and tried to relax. I was good; she’d be out for a long while yet. No rush. No rush.

I dug the photos I need from my bag. I looked them all over and took in each one. I let myself feel the familiar hatred at seeing my own face staring back at me. I took in every pimple, stray chin and unibrow hair, and crooked tooth. I lingered in it and felt happy to know this would be the last day would feel this way. I could have been happy if only she’d let me.

I hung each one carefully where I could see it while I worked. I laughed to myself remembering how at first I thought I’d only kill her and dump her in a river, or leave her for the scavengers and beetles. I’d even thought about scattering pieces of her across a desert somewhere but what kind of revenge would that be? Not a very good one. Not a satisfying one, that’s for sure.

No, best to turn the tables, yes?

I took one last look in the mirror. No turning back now. We’d each be getting a new face today and, finally, everything we each deserved for the rest of our lives.


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