If We Were Having Coffee // The World is Falling Apart, Stay Safe

Hello, dear readers! Thank you so much for stopping by for our weekly coffee and conversation date. I know it hasn’t been so “weekly” lately. Life’s been a little crazy, and my health and energy levels have been suffering because of it, but I’m hoping that we will get back to regular coffee and catching up starting this week. There’s a chance all the crazy may be winding down. I can’t say I promise though since so much of what has happened has been last-minute and unexpected. I just want you to know I’m trying.

“Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes.”

― Ankita Singhal


If we were having coffee, I would start by letting everyone in the state of Florida know that my thoughts are with you. I am following the news of Hurricane Irma very closely, and I hope that the worst predictions won’t come true. I hope you all stay safe and that the damage to your homes, schools, streets, and wildlife and lands will be minimal and I hope the recovery and the rebuilding will be a time of coming together in compassion too.

My thoughts are still with Houston and the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. I’m following the news coming out of the West as wildfires burn unchecked, and I am thinking of the people of Mexico dealing with their own hurricane and the strongest earthquake to hit the country in 100 years.

My heart is also breaking for the young men and women who feel so betrayed by the President’s decision to put an end to the DACA program. I faxed all my congressional representatives to let them know just how ugly and cruel this is and that I hoped they would do right by the citizens of this country and protect its most vulnerable.

It feels like the world is falling apart and I am doing my best to be grateful for what I have a where I am and to keep my home safe and my anxiety in check. The news is getting harder and harder to watch every day and the problems around me grow and grow until I feel hopeless and helpless do anything that matters.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the reason we couldn’t meet last week is that we finally got a weekend camping trip in. We found out that our favorite movie theater chain, Alamo Drafthouse, was partnering with SyFy to show Close Encounters of the Third Kind below the Devils Tower Monument in Wyoming. We learned it would be shown in the campsite next to the tower and decided to head on up and make a whole weekend of it for my girlfriend’s birthday.

I went up there remembering very little about the film and knowing next to nothing about the monument, so the trip was a real learning experience for me. The film was amazing, emotional, thought-provoking, and very funny. The tower was like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend you go at least once in your life. The hike around the base of it is incredible. You get right up next to it, and even without registration you can climb the boulder field around the base and get right up to it.

I learned a ton about the geography and formation of the tower as well as some of the myths and Native American ceremonies that involve the tower that still go on today. The whole experience was just amazing. I want to tell you more, but the words I have just aren’t enough to convey how I felt up there. I’m so glad we went and that I got to see just a miracle of nature up close.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that while getting away from all the problems and expectations of life for a weekend was nice, it wasn’t nearly enough. When you know there is a whole world out there, with no deadlines, no expectations, nothing but beauty and history, you want to leave everything you know, go off grid and just dedicate your life to seeing as much of nature as you can. Sadly, letting go of your life, your connections, and your luxuries isn’t so easy. So, back to the real world, we had to return.

Work has been hard. I had a hectic week both last week and the week before plus I have been trying to squeeze in writing whenever I could, which wasn’t nearly as much as I needed. And even with all I have on my plate, I feel so guilty for complaining because compared to people around me I think I have it pretty easy. My route isn’t that bad. My work hours aren’t so bad either; and at least I have some time, anytime at all, to focus on my passion. At least I have a passion to wish I had more time for, you know?


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that everything hasn’t been all bad. Not only did I accomplish my goal applying for the Bitch Media Writing Fellowship the week before last I also sent my first real pitch to Buzzfeed for their Mental Health Week coverage. I had hoped to send a full draft of the piece but work really got in the way and I just couldn’t finish it. I’m hoping a summary, and a few clips will be strong enough to be considered, if not I’ll have a topic to discuss here instead.

I have a list of other places to send work, and I anticipate lots and lots of rejection, but that’s okay. I want to start pushing myself further. I want to start learning how to become a real writer, one who is paid to write. The only way I can do that is to start putting myself out there. I have to get over this fear of failure and start making mistakes and maybe even embarrassing myself a little so I can improve not just my work but my pitching strategy too.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that as much as I have missed chatting with you, I have to run. Between the long weekend, the busy work weeks, and my girlfriend’s birthday celebrations, I’ve had no time to take care of the house and I still have to get ready to visit my family, who I have also neglected these past few weeks.

I hope these first weeks of September have treated you well and if it hasn’t, I hope things turn around for you soon. Stay safe, make time for the things you enjoy, take care of yourselves and your loved ones too.

Until next time lovelies.


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If We Were Having Coffee // Hello July, I Have Goals

Hello, dear readers and happy Sunday to you all. Thank you for stopping by for a bit of coffee and catching up on this weird weather, hot and gloomy afternoon. Warm coffee sounds awful right now, so of course, it will be cold brew instead. I need the higher caffeine content anyway. As usual I had plans of cleaning the entire house and writing the tons of blog posts and essays plus reading and drawing and being generally awesome all over the internet, but instead, I’m fighting the urge to lay on the couch, watch Netflix, and drift in and out of naps until dinner time.

“A little coffee. A little sunlight. Your troubles will get smaller.”

— Richard Webber, Grey’s Anatomy


If we were having coffee I would tell you that this past week was much more productive than the week before, and the week before that, but no nearly as productive as I had hoped it would be. I’m not all that disappointed though, I’m never as productive as I want to be. I don’t think anyone does as much as they would like to do, ever. We’d all be dead from exhaustion if we were. Laziness does have its evolutionary benefits I suppose.

I ended up having to do more work at my actual work which left me a lot less time for writing than I had hoped. I wrote about letting go of what I haven’t accomplished and start working from where I am. I took some inspiration from Kahlil Gibran and contemplated confronted the recent silence in my soul. And I shared everything I am currently doing and think as the month of June and the first half of the year, came to an end.

I did better than I have all month, but I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped on my, not so secret side project and I didn’t get my latest newsletter out despite having written at least half of it. It is a top priority for the coming week.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that one thing I am proud of is my first attempts at catching up on comments around here. I have been harboring so much guilt for being such a bad blogger. I’ve said it before but for the new followers, I’m already a little awkward socially, but I’m especially so online. I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks it easier to interact with other in real life than on the internet. BUT I’m working on it.

I don’t want to go one feeling like this, and I don’t want any of you to think I don’t appreciate each and every one of you. I don’t want you to think even for a second that every comment left here doesn;t mean the world to me.

All of you have been so supportive and kind, and I probably would have given up long ago if it weren’t for your encouragement. The least I can do is get over myself and say something! Even if it’s just a simple thank you.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m a little bummed the first half of the year flew by so quickly. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to (story of my life), but I’m hopeful for the second half.

I don’t like to look too far ahead, that’s been part of my problem lately, but I’m taking a moment to think about what 2018 is going to mean. I want next year to be the year I do all the things I’ve wanted to but have been horrible at planning in advance for.

This year I missed the Write On challenge, I failed the A to Z challenge, and I didn’t create any artwork. I figure if I spend a little time every week starting now I can get these project set up and hit the ground running in 2018. A little time every week doesn’t sound like too much at all…I think.

I’m also working on setting up small monthly goals. You may be surprised to learn that I am not very good at all at setting up goals, not the kind that are detailed, clear, or have deadlines. I’ve seen other bloggers sharing their “small goals” every month, and I thought I’d give it a try:

  1. Finish a writing sample for the Bitch Media Fellowship for Writers
  2. Complete 5 pieces for the first issue of Zen and Pi the zine
  3. Gather tutorials and supplies for beginning a lino printing project
  4. Start cleaning out the basement for bulk trash pick up



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the highlight of my week was date night with my girlfriend. As usual, we went to the movies, a very late night showing of The Beguiled. The film is about an all girls school in the south during the civil war. The girls—and the teachers too—seem to have been a bit sheltered when a wounded Union soldier shows up, and they all go crazy from the testosterone and manliness trust into their presence. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. I’d advise waiting until it’s on Amazon or Netflix to check it out.

The reason this was the highlight of my week was that it was the first time in a long time that we’ve had an entire theater to ourselves. We spread out across a few seats, ordered french fries and a couple of old fashions, and giggled and talked through the whole thing. We were the last ones to leave the theater and in fact, couldn’t find one staff member as we made our way out to the parking lot at one in the morning. It was great!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that as much as I enjoyed this chance to talk exclusively about myself I had better get up and get going. The dishes are waiting to be washed, and there are loads of laundry that need washing and folding. I’m hoping there may still be a nap I can take too if I time everything right.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope your week was more productive than mine and your weekend was as relaxing as you needed it to be. And to my fellow Americans, please stay safe this week as we celebrate being the land of the free and, at least in our own minds, being the best at everything ever.

Until next time…



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If We Were Having Coffee // Just Get Through This Week

Hello dear readers. Thank you so much for stopping by for a cup of warm coffee and what may a bit of a rambling chat. I feeling somewhat scattered today. I woke up much later than I wanted to this morning and no matter how hard I try to catch up I find myself slipping further and further behind. There is so much I had planned to do that I am sure I will have to put off again.

I have been easily distracted, my mind is restless and anxious, I’m tired, and slipping slowly into frustration.You should probably get out now while you can.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the only things keeping me going right now are the sunshine outside my window and the knowledge that no matter what happens all I have to do is get through this week. I just have to keep on breathing and put one foot in front of the other all the way through Friday, and then I will have plenty of time to accomplish everything I had to set aside. I will have two full weeks off of work in which to read, write, and create a little art in. It is going to be amazing!

I want to work on a few submission, at least two pieces for my zine and get a jump-start on a few post for the new year. My art journal has been neglected for months now, and I really want to try to get one or two more books read before the end of the month. I almost wish I could have the time off without the holiday getting in the way.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that, speaking of reading goals, I am enjoying Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones so, so much. She writes about writing in a way that makes me feel the way I know I should be making my readers feel. She makes me feel better about the way I feel about writing. The way I prioritize it and allow it to seep into nearly every other aspect of my life. She makes me feel like I might be doing a thing or two right after all.

I’m a little over halfway through it and next I’m supposed to read Plato’s Republic but that doesn’t sound very fun right now, so I think I will start on a stack of shorter books I have by writer’s of color for a while.


If we were having coffee, i would tell you that the highlight of my weekend was getting out for sushi and a late night movie with my girlfriend Friday night. The sushi place is a new one we found in the same parking lot as our favorite theater. That means we can have a bit of sake with dinner and not have to worry about the drive. The place in intimate and I don’t feel too intimidated by my lack of experience using chopsticks or eating something I can’t even pronounce. It’s nice to feel comfortable to try new things and make mistakes.

We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I wish I could tell you was amazing. It wasn’t bad, but after seeing movies like Arrival, Moonlight, and Handmaiden, I was a little underwhelmed. I tried to like it for what it was, though.

I wanted to see Rouge One this coming weekend, but I stalled too long and nearly every seat is sold for every showing through Sunday night. Sigh.



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that for the first time ever, starting a new year scares me. I’ve been trying to think about some goals or resolutions I would like to set, and nothing seems right. Whenever I try to picture where I want to be a year from now all I can think about is how crazy 2016 turned out to be and my brain sort of gives up. Why try to prepare or predict when nothing turns out quite like you wanted it to anyway?

I think the closest I may come to real resolutions this year is just a list of things I would like to do if I can. The list will be flexible, I’ll add things throughout the year as they occur to me, and I’ll remove the items that just won’t work.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that, lately, I have been feeling a little down about myself. My self-esteem has taken a dip, and I can’t help thinking that nothing I am doing is turning out right. I’m struggling not to stay in bed all day and hide from the world…


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am so sorry, but I really have to get going. I have words to type, laundry to wash, and a dog begging for attention. I hope that you had a good week and a relaxing weekend. I hope the coming week will be an easy one, for both of us, and I hope you will stop by the comments to say hi and let me know what you have been up to.

Until next time :)


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If We Were Having Coffee // Trump is Disgusting, and I Cannot Wait for This Election to Be Over

Hello, dear readers and happy Sunday! Thank you for stopping by for a bit of coffee and catching up. I’m late, again, but not as late nor nearly as busy as last week.

I may be in and out, doing laundry and checking the banana chips I have baking in the oven. This is the first time I’ve made them and even if they turn out badly, the smell of warm bananas filling the house for a few hours kinda makes them worth the effort anyway.



If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Trump is a complete asshole and I am shocked anyone is even considering voting for that monster. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

I’m sure you’ve heard the disgusting tape, and I’m sure you are aware of all the to say that Trump has in fact done all the things he bragged about doing to Billy Bush, then denied doing in the most recent presidential debate. I have my concerns about Hillary, sure, but I know she will not be the worst president this country has ever had, and I know she will be far better than Trump could even dream to be.

I cringe thinking of all the ways Trump will embarrass the American people should he get elected. I cringe imagining what it will be like to have to hear his hateful rhetoric and that goddamned sniffling during every presidential speech and address.

I hope the next few weeks will go by quickly, I hope you are registered to vote, and  I hope Hillary crushes Trump on November 8th.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have been learning how to cook lately. I mean I know how to cook, or I know how to follow a recipe, mostly, but I’m learning how to cook comfortably.

My lady loves to cook, and she’s excellent at it, but she’s been working a lot lately and doesn’t always have the time anymore. It feels wrong for her to have to come home and cook too. So, a few nights a week I am taking over in the kitchen. I’m trying to come up with things to make that she hasn’t made before, that way I’m not comparing my versions to hers. A comparison I am sure to come out on the wanting side of.

On the menu this week are hot wings, sweet potato waffles, and—if we can find the ingredients—this delicious recipe for tacos al pastor.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that absolutely no progress has been made on the NaNoWriMo front. I haven’t quite figured out how to blog, put out a newsletter, work my day job, spend time with my girlfriend, cook a few dinners, and write a novel. I’m feeling overwhelmed and burned out already.

It’s not just all that, though, I’m having a hard time believing I can come up with a good story. I get the feeling that most people feel like they have a good idea, they just don;t know how to write it. I have the opposite problem. I don’t have a good idea to start with. I have bits and pieces and feelings. Once I get my shit together, I’m confident I could mold and sculpt the thing into something decent at least. I’m just not sure I can get there.

I don’t want to give up before I’ve even started, though.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this I have been enjoying a ton of TV shows and movies, which may or may not be related to the above problem.

If you’re looking for some awesome weekly TV programming check out Westworld, The Exorcist, InsecureVice News, and American Horror Story: Roanoke. I watch other show, more than an aspiring writer should I am sure, but these are the newest additions and the ones I am most excited about.

Besides TV we also saw the ballet Swan Lake this weekend and this coming weekend we are heading to the museum after hours to see this amazing looking live presentation on bats. I am so excited!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that beyond that, my life is incredibly boring and I have nothing else to fill you in on. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, though. Maybe drop a note in the comments and tell me what shows you’ve been watching, whether or not you’ve been accomplishing your goals, and how much you cringe when you think about Trump sniffling directly into a microphone during the next State of the Union address. Ugh!


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The Week’s End // A Round-up of All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

Hello there! I’m a little late with the round-up this weekend but if you’re still looking for some interesting reads to check out while you kick back and relax, look no further, I’ve got you covered! Here are the most interesting things I found across the great, wide web. Enjoy!

The Danish Girl // Official Trailer #1

The remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

Wow! I never even heard of these two but their story is an amazing one. A married man, who realizes he is a woman and attempts the first ever male to female sex reassignment surgery. I can’t wait to see it!

…Or Maybe, I Don’t. // Wit and Delight

Lately, those small mistakes feel like little stones pelting my sense of self-worth.

Last week my girlfriend made a mistake at work. It was a pretty big mistake and afterward she felt like a major failure. It actually took her a few days to recover from the frustration, disappointment, and embarrassment. She was so hard on herself, she always is. I think I might send her this.

‘Black mirror’ to Return as Netflix Series // Inquisitr

Described as The Twilight Zone for the digital age, Black Mirror shows the collapse of contemporary society in an all-too familiar future where technology has divided and conquered mankind.

I just recently found out about this amazing British television show and I have recommended it to all my friends ever since. The only thing that sucked was there we only six episodes (and a Christmas one I can’t find), I finished it in just two days! I was super bummed but the I heard that Netflix was going to step in and save the day!

Bertha // Only 100 Words

She came with the house, unbeknownst to us.

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween and I am on the look out for little creepy stories. This is a good one, but kinda sad too.

Titan and Saturn // tychogirl

Through binoculars / I leave my narrow world for / an ocean of stars.

I have been following tychogirl almost since I first started this blog. I love the way she blend art and science into beautiful imagery packed into just three lines of a haiku. She was the inspiration behind my haiku post last week. Check her out!

The Riddle // Richard Ankers

She huddled in a puddle
Befuddled and confused

Another amazing poem, this one quite sad…

Of How to be a Better Writer // Of Opinions

1. Read less how-to-write books and articles.

I LOVE how-to articles but I do have the sense to only take from them what I can use and what feels right to me. This one had a lot that felt right.

Take Better Note on You Readings // Kate the (Almost) Great

No matter what you’re studying, or at what level, you’ll have readings to do for homework and you’ll be expected to master that content to a certain degree.

If you are going to school this is great advice. If you are like me, not in school but often reading to learn all the same, this is great advice.

Judd Apatow, Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy // Austin Kleon

A sort of Paris Review Interviews-esque collection for comedians. I really enjoyed it.

I seriously believe that the single best source for writing or creative advice comes from comedians. They are so much more open about their process than others. This book is definitely going on my “to-read” list!

The devastating decision not to prosecute the brutal in-custody death of Natasha McKenna // Daily Kos

This is bullshitComplete and utter bullshit. Fucking bullshit. Motherfucking bullshit.

A women with a well document history of mental illness. Detained by police who had no idea how to care for her. For days she endured abuse. They shocked her with a taser 4 times in a two minute period. She slipped into a coma. In the end she would be dead. In the end no one would have to answer for her murder.

Do You Regret It? // ZEN AND Π

Do you lay awake at night and wish you had shown that little quiet girl in school a little more compassion?

Early last week a write an emotional post about the people who have wronged me over the course of my life and wondered whether they thought of me still, or regretted their choices. Let me know what you think, please.

And that’s it for this week. Have you read, watched, heard, or written an interesting thing this week? If so, share with the class by leaving a link in the comments :)

If We Were Having Coffee – I Was Tired and I Couldn’t Write, but I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

If we were having coffee I would begin by saying I am so happy spring is finally here! The weather has improved and I am hoping the snowy weather is gone until October. I can’t be sure though because Colorado weather is crazy and I have seen it snow here in June so who knows, but I do hope.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been so exhausted this past week. I haven’t been sleeping well, I never do really but this past week was bad. I fell asleep quickly but I am a light sleeper and every sound from my girlfriend sneezing, to the cats  jumping up on things, to outside sounds from the neighborhood wake me up every night. Once I am It is rare that I sleep more than 4 hours at a time. So I had to buy some ear plugs and take some melatonin in order to sleep but by then the week was already more than half over. I felt good Friday, that was about it.

What’s really going to suck is I am going to be even more exhausted this week. My girlfriend starts working the early shift and since we work at the same place and have just one car I will be going in with her at 4:30 in the morning. Either that or I will be taking the bus in so I can squeeze in another hour of sleep. BUT I am trying to think of this as an opportunity. See no one else is really at work at that time so I could use that time for writing. I just don’t know if my brain will be awake enough to get any writing done.

But that’s what coffee was made for though, right?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that because I was so exhausted I wasn’t able to write nearly as much as I had wanted to last week. I always hope to write enough to get ahead on blog posts but I never get more than a day or two ahead. In my defense my job does take up a lot of my time but I could do better and this past week I had extra work. Add to that the lack of sleep and things got really bad.

I had hoped to start working on next month’s A to Z Challenge posts too but that didn’t happen either. I was able to settle on a theme, and get post ideas for every day, and I just have a little bit more work to do for the images but I still feel so far behind. I plan to just write little posts for each letter, nothing more that 500 words, but I also plan to keep up with my regular post schedule too. I still want to write these coffee posts, and my Writer’s Quote Wednesday posts, and whatever else, so I really need to get it together and get those posts written.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I continue to fail at finding time to meet my reading goals as well. I am hoping to use that previously mentioned extra time I will have in the mornings for reading too. Hell, I might use it solely for reading. Two extra hours a day to read means I could finish a book every week or two, which is exactly where I would like to be. I have a growing stack of books that have yet to be read and I feel ashamed every time I look at them.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading at all. Even though I am behind in reading books I have picked up several magazines over the last few months including my usual favorites, Scientific American and Mental Floss, and some new ones like New Philosopher, Writer’s Digest, and Creative Nonfiction. So my brain is getting some sort of stimulation but unfortunately my goal was to read 24 books this year so I am still behind on paper.

If we were having coffee I would say thank you for taking some time to listen to me vent. I have to get going though because the house is a mess and I have to visit with my family in a few hours. I do hope you have a good rest of the day. Enjoy it because Monday will be here before you know it.

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If We Were Having Coffee – Goodbye February, Hello March, and Happy Birthday Zen and Pi

If we were having coffee I would have mine strong and dark and if possible I’d make it two cups. I find myself exhausted today and the weather is cold and the news is calling for snow through the middle of the week. I cannot tell you how tired I am of winter. I do my best to keep a positive attitude and look for the good but Mother Nature is trying my patience. I go through this every year though. Colorado winters are long and sometimes harsh and every year I get angry and depressed. I know that I should consider moving but the Summer, however short, are beautiful. I look forward to summer, when I can forget the winter even exists at all. Right before I am trapped here again next winter.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that last week was both good and bad. I got a lot done at work but I also lost my temper and my motivation towards the end. My temper came down to a co-worker who likes to antagonize me finding out the best way to do so. Me and this co-worker are basically “frienemies”. We are nice to each others faces but I think we both are competing. I don’t mean to though and would be happy to continue quietly doing my work but she keeps pushing me, especially when she knows I am already on the edge.

This week I was irritable because of the weather and the announcement that staff members at my job were going to be moved around, my girlfriend is on staff you see. Then after getting back from my route I was bombarded with complaints of other co-workers, that’s when she pounced. Her go to strategy to piss me off is to make snide remarks with a smile so I can’t claim she is being mean. I blew up at her a little and I am mad at myself for allowing another person to get under my skin. I am usually pretty good about staying calm in situations like that but for some reason she always pushes me over the edge. I won’t let that happen again.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that those previously mentioned changes to staff are really freaking me out. My girlfriend is a supervisor and, for those who don’t know, technically my boss. She is possibly being moved to another location which means I may have to go with her. We only have one car. It isn’t so far we have to move or anything, just a longer commute is all. We don’t have the money to get another one now and I still have practiced driving enough to have get my licence (fun fact about me: I have a fear of driving and never got my licence, I’m working on it though, kinda).

So now I am a little stressed about the change but also pretty excited. I may even decide to stop doing the extra work and just do regular hours and focus more of my time on my hobbies. It will be a big change from what I have been doing for years but I can’t help imagining how much more free tie I might have to e alone and work. With my girlfriend being staff and making more money I can cut back a little and she supports me. I haven’t decided yet, I’m waiting for the official announcement of what my girlfriend is going to do this Friday.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have some sad news. I am going to have to give up my two kittens soon. They are fighting with my older cat pretty bad anymore and no one is happy. I figure if I give them up now, just shy of a year old, they will have a better chance of finding a good home, hopefully together. I always knew that we might have to give them up so I am not super attached but I took responsibility for them and I feel like I failed to make this work.

I will miss them though. My and my girl don’t have kids and the house can get big and quiet with just the two of us here. We have our older cat but she is old and not much fun anymore, she has become a strictly snuggling cat now and she takes that job very seriously. We hoped the kittens, named Calvin and Quinn, would bring some life into the house but they have brought too much. Now we are thinking we needed a dog instead. A dog can be trained and even contained when needed, cats cannot. So the kittens will go and we will wait awhile and try again with another kind of pet.

If we were having coffee I would say that I can’t believe it is already March, chapter 3 of 12. After this month we’ll be a fourth of the way through the year already. For Denver March is the snowiest month so I am definitely not looking forward to that but the snow tends to be the slushy kind that melts quick. After that spring will be on its way. There isn’t much big I have going on this month. There are no birthday’s or major holidays to celebrate so everything I am doing is in preparation for April, which will be a VERY big month, more on that later.


This past February was a good one here at Zen and Pi. I topped my previous record for amount of likes in one day, got over 1,000 total likes, and hit the one year anniversary of my WordPress registration. I didn’t actually publish my first post here until almost a month later on March 22. I tried a few new things last month. I made some changes to the look here with a new theme and worked on the sidebar with some widgets and even a photo. I did tried my hand at some poetry during The Daily Post’s Writing 201 course, which I wasn’t able to finish with the other participant but will try to finish up on my own this week.

All in all I have enjoyed blogging very much over the past year and have learned so much. I look forward to the upcoming year and expect to learn and grow even more.

If we were having coffee I would say I had better go, I was lazy yesterday and didn’t do anything I was supposed to so now I am playing catch up. Story of my life isn’t it. Also we are (hopefully) finally doing “family day” again today so I have to go get ready for that.. I haven’t seen my family in awhile so I am a little excited. We have a lot of fun when we get together and that’s when we do all of our catching up. These past few weeks my niece was sick or the weather was bad and I feel like I am missing out on everything everyone is doing. And I tend to start feeling a little isolated if I don’t see them for awhile.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Squeeze as much weekend out of the next 12 hours or so as you can, it’s going to be Monday again before we know it. Bleck!

If We Were Having Coffee – January Wrap-up Edition

If we were having coffee I would be having just a big cup of plain old coffee. Nothing fancy for me today, no macchiatos or lattes. Just coffee and I want it strong, with lots of milk and sugar.

If we were having coffee I would probably remark that I am so glad that January is finally over. It is such a long and cold month, I started to fear it would never end. I look forward to the short month and moving closer to spring. This month should be an easy one, but I say that at the beginning of every month. There really is no rest for the wicked.

If we were having coffee I would say that even though I am glad to see it go January wasn’t all bad. I think I made some progress with blogging and writing in general. I posted more often, but not as much as I wanted. I started an editorial calendar, which I did well with for about a week before I started getting lazy. I haven’t abandoned it though, I have a ton scheduled for February. I moved whatever I didn’t get done over to the new month. Some of it even went into March.

If we were having coffee I would say that I am already behind in my goal to read more books this year. This month I only read two and I don’t even think they count since they were both tiny books. I read The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

The former was only 45 pages, and the latter, was mostly pictures.

I did start War of the Worlds and Rant which I hope to finish this month. I also want to read a several shorter books for Black History Month. I have The Souls of Black Folk, Up From Slavery, Narrative of Sojourner Truth, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and two books of African-American poetry.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I also have joined a new blogging event, “1000 Speak for Compassion“. The idea is to “get 1000 bloggers to write about compassion, kindness, support, caring, non-judgment, care for the environment, ect., and all post on the same day, Feb 20th.” I thought this sounded like a really nice thing. A time to talk about something good for once. I am all about compassion and empathy so this seemed right up my alley. I haven’t figured out the angle I want to go with yet but I’m working on it.

If we were having coffee I would encourage you to take a look and consider joining in. Take a look at the Facebook group and add your name to their long, and growing, list of participating bloggers. And If you write any posts about it use the hashtag #1000speak. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts on the big day.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am aware that today is Super Bowl Sunday, practically a national holiday here in the the United States, but I am not a big football fan so I don’t really celebrate the day. I don’t have any predictions nor am I rooting for either team. I will only be watching if I end up seeing my family (which I do every Sunday anyway) and they have it on. I do hope that everyone who is watching, or does care how this turns out, has a great time and enjoys the game.

If you’re like me and don’t celebrate the Super Bowl holiday, then I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Monday is coming up fast and we’ll all have to get back to the hustle.

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee I would probably order something festive this time. Lattes in flavors like gingerbread and peppermint are usually too sweet for me but tonight I’m craving the added sugar. I would tell you that this past week has been a busy one for me. It was a good week but I’m not sure if that’s because good things happened or because it ended and now I am on winter break. Two weeks off of work!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I I am very happy to announce that I got nominated for an award at work. It’s not a big, big deal but it was very nice to get some recognition. In case you don’t know I work for a very big school district in the Denver, CO area. I work as an assistant on a special needs school bus and I get extra hours throughout the week working in the training department. I teach people how to transport special needs students safely. I enjoy my job but at times I am frustrated by the lack of recognition I get. This award nomination was something I have been waiting for for a long time.

So that means I got to have some pictures taken of me doing what I do, I had my name announced as a nominee throught the whole district, and I get to attend a fancy dinner in February. I have been congratulated by more and more people everyday and my bosses have really been making me feel awesome. Of course there are a few people raining on my parade but I won’t let them ruin this for me. I’ve worked hard at this job for over 8 years, I think I’ve earned a little time in the spotlight.

If we were having coffee I would tell that I am beginning to feel the stress of the holidays. I still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do. I know, I know, Christmas is only a few days away, I need to quit procrastinating and get ‘er done already. I do this every year even though I tell myself every year that I won’t wait until the last minute. Christmas shopping is just so overwhelming for me! The large crowds, the large of gift options, or lack of gift options, the doubts about every gift you buy, I hate all of it! My anxiety levels skyrocket while Christams shopping.

Luckily for me my girlfriend has volunteered to do some of it on her own while I go into work for a few hours. I don’t have to work but something has come up so I voluteered to work a bit. I will be taking it easy though! Since I am working my ole lady is going to do a bit of housework and shopping. She’s much better at it anyway. She’s the type of person who doesn’t freeze up when forced to make even the most basic of life decisions. I guess that’s part of why I love her so much.

Speaking of my girlfriend, if we were having coffee I would tell you that Chrismas has had a wonderfully positive effect on my relationship. My and my girl have been back in the honeymoon phase since Thanksgiving and I am loving it. We are happy with each other the rest of the year too but Christmas time has us excited about gifts and indulging in good food and sweet cocktails. All of that adds up to lots of love, love, love! Christmas isn’t usually thought of as a romantic holiday but I am telling you that it is. Christmas is the time to completely spoil your spouse and we take that very seriously.

So yes I guess it really was a good week. I hope yours was too. I don’t know how much I will be around over the next couple of weeks so I’m going to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry holiday and a happy, happy New Years :)