183//365 — Halfway

I saw this morning’s @year_progress tweet, and the news hit me hard. The year, it seems, is already half over. Where did the time go? How could I waste so much of it? Did I waste it?

Sure, there were failures, but there were successes too. With a bit of courage, I’m sure the second half of the year can be even better than the first. I can start again, and all that has happened can happen over again, if I want it to. So, maybe nothing has really ended at all, only begun anew.

Same as any other day.


I’m doing something new here. In addition to my regular blog post, I’m adding these journal entries. The goal is to post one every day hence the title of each will be the current day number out of 365. I was inspired to try this by Thord D. Hedengren.

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Just a quick note….

For those of you following along with my A to Z Challenge posts, or just my blog in general, I will unfortunately be taking a break for a couple of days.

A lot of small things have been going wrong, work related stuff, home stuff, financial stuff, and I need a day or two to work every thing out. I had tried write and work on the problems piling up but it felt a lot like pulling weeds. For every problem I solved, two more popped up and I am quickly getting overwhelmed.

None of the problems are serious and I will be back shortly, I promise. Also, I will still be posting for every letter for A to Z, I just might have to do two a day until I catch up.